Consulting Services

Overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of information you have received from your DNA testing company? I can help with individual or group tutoring or organizing your results for you.


Services Offered


Analysis of DNA results

Presentations on DNA Testing and Analysis

Tutoring on DNA Tools for Analysis

Traditional Genealogy Research in Conjunction with DNA testing

Family History


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Examples of Questions DNA Testing Can Help Answer

Am I who I think I am?

Who are my birth parents?

Is my sister really a half sister?

Am I related to that famous novelist/painter/actor with the same surname?

Do I have Native American ancestry?

I can help you to sort out your DNA test and match results enabling you to make the best use of them in reaching your research goals, whether you have a brick wall in your traditional research,  wish to discover your ancestral or ethnic origins or are interested in finding relatives  separated during wartime or a family feud or you are a n adoptee and would like to find either one or both of your biological parents.  I can do the research for you or show you how to do it yourself.  I also can help you choose which tests to take, who to test, and which company to test with.